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Mapledale Previews 2/??;

All community lots have been finished! The first image is of the small park. I never really use the festival portions of parks, so I decided not to even bother doing a festival lot. But once it’s up for download it wouldn’t be too difficult to edit it. The shops area is completely finished as well. I got lazy towards the end, so to save myself the trouble of downloading it all, as well as you guys the trouble of it, the grocery store just has the rabbithole rug.

From left to right on the two middle pictures, the stores are: business on the bottom, and gypsy wagon rabbithole on top, grocery, bookstore, theatre, doctor’s office with the hospital rabbithole, library, gym, and diner. There’s a few pieces of cc, but I’ll go more in depth when they’re up for download.

And the last image is the school rabbithole because I didn’t feel like building an actual school. Now that all of the community lots are finished, I can go about building the residential lots, which I’ll post previews of tomorrow.

Mapledale Previews 1/??;

So far I have 4/5 community lots built. The town hall is 100% finished, as is the cemetary. The school is just a rabbithole because I didn’t feel like decorating a huge building. XD I can upload the school lot anyways when I upload them all, that way you guys won’t have to build if you don’t want to.

I forgot to take pictures of the shopping area, so I’ll post that in my next batch of previews. I still have to decorate inside the “mall,” which I’m not looking forward to. That’ll be a lot of cc, so I may upload that lot seperate from the others so I don’t have a 10 mile long post. XD

Anywho, I just wanted to show some more progress. I’m actually quite enjoying my little building “project.” :D I also included two pictures from a deleted post showing the actual world.


Welp. It’s that time again. I see others rearranging their blogs and I get the delete everything and start over itch. -.- I’ll be deleting all my posts, including downloads today. I’ll also be updating my theme and links and such. So stay tuned for that and more Mapledale previews! :D

But fear not! If you still want to download stuff, I’ve moved all my old downloads to a folder where you can download everything. Unfortunately, none of them have preview pictures without you downloading them. All the files are long gone from my computer. :/ But the preview pictures are still in most of the .zip files. Also, all but the most recent uploads haven’t been run through custard. So if you don’t want unwanted cc, I suggest doing that.

Any reblogs floating around here have broken links now, since I moved the files from their original location. So see the link if you’re from one of those posts and are looking for the download. :)

Download them here!