Here’s another batch of old downloads. I’m still at Pixels & Company, I just wanted to freshen up my blog with a fresh start. These are all the downloads I’ve put up as of today, August 24. All but the newest downloads have not been run through custard, so the worlds and such probably have cc attatched. Sorry! Also, I deleted a bunch of old files awhile ago, so preview pictures are gone. But most of the downloads have preview pictures included in them. :D

Downloads Master List

I’ve placed these downloads onto this account since I’m clearing out my other one for new stuff. I’ll be posting pictures here shortly of all the downloads on another post, so refer to that if you wanna know which is which. :)

Since a couple of people have asked me recently to upload my files to somewhere other than 4shared or Mediafire, I’ve decided to go ahead and upload all my files to Box. Nobody has a problem with that, right? I don’t know…I don’t have a problem with either of the other two, so I’m not a good person to judge if a website is good or not. XD Anyways, they only come in .sims3pack, I’m too lazy to convert them to any other file type. BUT, future sim downloads will include .sim files too. Anyways, here ‘ya go! :D

If you have any questions, feel free to ask. :)